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As we are moving Finmail Focus to the WordPress platform, all articles for subject writing tasks will be conducted and submitted directly through the WordPress writing platform. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use the new platform to submit relevant tasks from now on. Please refer to User Guide at for more details.

If you are submitting subject writing tasks, please do not include or upload content here. Instead, just mention the title conducted in the new platform. For example, to task 9, the solution content here should be "{Country} - {Title}" only, while to task 8 it should be "{Title}" only. All submissions of subject writing tasks that do not follow this format may be rejected.

Due to increasing number of submitted solutions to task 9, the review may be delayed. For now if you are submitting articles about cuisines from Pakistan, you may expected a postpone of review for around 1-2 months. Articles about the cuisines from other countries are unaffected.

Thank you for your understanding and help!

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